Hiring for Experienced Developers

Hi there People Geeks!

I work with a start-up tech company, called Cloudscene, based in Brisbane, Australia.

I am hiring for experienced superstars to join our Development team as we aim to scale up our current team of 5. Looking for Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Quality Engineer (Contract), and DevOps (Contract). I would like to see what are the best methods for attracting/finding Software/Tech talent i.e. certain job boards, LinkedIn, any agencies?

Looking forward to hearing what works for others or if you know of anyone suitable.


The answer to this is the holy grail for recruiting. I am sure there are plenty of other ideas, but these 4 have worked well for me in the past:

  1. Get active on LinkedIn. Write posts, share, connect. Get known for “your thing”.
  2. Speak at meetups, and host them in your office. So people can get to know the environment and meet you and others in the company.
  3. Work with a single agency that you trust and have a good working relationship with. Ask them for help and in return give them exclusive opportunity to help fill the role(s). (They should only be competing with you and not other agencies)
  4. Meet as many people as you can. Attend events. Make yourself known. Promote your company and what are trying to achieve.
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Thanks Michael for your suggestions! I agree, it is all about getting out there to connect with as many people as possible - as you never know!

Hey @Irene

I think it also depends where your start up is on their journey. As @michael.ridgway suggested, being active in social is really important. My last role was at a very early stage tech development company that had no digital presence; developers want to know the thing they’re joining is real so we needed to establish this first.

We handled all our recruiting in house and found each time we advertised, we needed to go to different channels, using both LinkedIn and Seek to promote the roles. This was probably the most important part of our process - writing an advert that stood out from others and compelled developers to apply.

Once you’ve hired one or two into the dev team, you do need them to be out there promoting you as an organisation they want to work at, through meet ups and the like. I always asked one of them to do the screening of candidates as they speak the same language and understand if someone can really do what they are saying. I also involved our team in the whole process of hiring - reviewing the advert, reviewing candidates and interviewing. In a small tech dev team it’s really important they will be able to work together as a team.

Final advice would be, your superstars may end up being the ones that you create not ones created by somewhere else. Look for people you think have the attributes that will help support your brand and keep going back to the market till you find them. These developers are going to shape your company - make sure they’re the right ones!

Good luck



Hi @DebMavric

Thanks so much for your reply - I completely agree with all of your suggestions. We are actively trying to push more through socials. Good insight thanks :slight_smile: