Hiring remote employees across different states/countries

Hi there! Does anyone have experience registering in different states and/or countries to employ remote employees? Looking to chat more about what this process looked like. Thanks!

Hi Sarah, So my first questions is normally how many people in each state/country? The reason I ask is, if its just a few you might want to consider a PEO. (It tends to be more cost efficient, but that also depends on your growth plans/size of company etc!)

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I’ll chime in, @BLANKSLATE_Izzie, will a PEO be cost effective for 1-5 remote workers for a single state? And some of them independent contractors?

Depending on the state and the set up cost for the company in each state/country, I would suggest that PEO is probably the most efficient and cost effective way to go up until about 10 employees…

There are lots of other plusesfor working with a PEO, such as access to competitive Medical Benefits/401K etc that can be complex and hard to set up/report on as a SMB in the US.

Note: Treat IC’s differently as they are not employees and thus wouldnt flow through a PEO.

+1 to PEOs, but good to always keep an eye on employee experience (i.e. will they have access to the same systems? Will you need separate policies/processes on fundamental stuff like employee expenses?). Alternative could be hiring as consultants.

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