How are companies managing burnout and mental health during Covid?

I am keen to hear how everyone is managing mental health and the potential risk of burnout during these current Covid circumstances.



We are creating a wellbeing manifesto that all of our senior leadership team is going to agree to and sign. The purpose of the manifesto is to reset expectations about how we work now that we are remote. It includes things like respecting people’s time and not booking a meeting when they have time booked out in their calendar to focus on project work, or not expecting people to reply to a slack message that is sent outside of work hours, etc.

We are doing a number of things such as reducing meetings to essential only (probably should have done that long before), fostering and supporting more conversations around general health and wellness as well as financial health, and trying to ensure we begin 1-1s with genuine check ins on team member’s well being. Last but not least, ensuring people feel comfortable taking time and and the space to focus on themselves especially given many pre-planned vacations and other allocated time off has been canceled.

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We have taken into account that everyone is feeling a little zoom fatigue and have been trialling a no-meeting day midweek to allow people to progress with project work, so far so good! We remind others to respect one another’s time zones, and only slack within reasonable working hours. We have responded with a Global Wellbeing Program using slack to post content, tips and tricks provided by our people and created online communities for fitness, nutrition and mental health. Holding events, talks and classes each week to encourage everyone to be healthy, active and happy wherever they area whenever they can.

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We have a fantastic Australian EAP provider Uprise, which has a very proactive approach to managing staff’s health and wellbeing. So knowing this was always in place made us feel much better prepared when COVID hit. (We also already worked remotely so minimal disruption there.) They encourage regular catch ups with your “coach” (psych) as well as small modules and exercises on stress, values, mindfulness etc.

Love @Daniel_Proctor’s suggestion of no meeting day and @rdubree’s of essential only . One of the biggest problems I see is traditional workplaces trying to replicate their patterns from the office, rather than use it as an opportunity to re-evaluate them.

We also have a “Fitbit WorkWeek Hustle” which is a fun and engaging way of getting everyone exercising and chatting. We even have staff in quarantine who somehow seem to be doing very well on the step front!