How are you building your Diversity and Inclusion strategy?

We are using Appreciative Inquiry Summits and surveys to build our D&I strategy. What are you doing?

We’ve built D&I messaging into our existing coms channels: Brave Space discussions on our podcast and in intensive sessions, book club discussions about books like Waking up White, White Fragility, etc. It’s been a useful way to get people talking to one another regularly about D&I.

We developed the Diversity and Inclusion Human Resource toolkit for Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs(MSMEs) to adopt some good HR practices to boost business. And it has nine key areas to be considered by MSMEs in Sri Lanka to attract, recruit and retain staff and promote diversity and inclusion in workplace. There are templates which has tips on recruiting marginalized groups. This Toolkit was validated with experts from private sectors and then piloted in the field.