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How are you living continuous feedback throughout the year?

We currently have our peer and upwards feedback tied to the performance review taking place twice a year. We would like to reduce the amount of time spent in this cycle transitioning our peer and upwards feedback to happen through out the year. What are ways you have seen this successfully implemented?

Have you considered in-the-moment feedback - for example, employee feedback kiosks within the work environment - something like the ViewPoint Pulse. They are great for providing a continuous flow of feedback about the things that matter most to employees. You can add in online and mobile too - so captures everyone! Might be worth considering!

Hey Kailyn, We also had this issue having peer feedback in our perf reviews only, it was taking up a huge volume of time when 2500+ peer feedback requests would come through and need to be completed in a already tight perf review window. We opened up continuous feedback in our perf mgmt tool, communicated the problems we were trying to solve by doing this with all employees, and have been doing consistent promotion and reminders through Leaders, people managers, internal “influencer” groups, Feedback Fridays etc and had it in a decent enough place to trial removing the peer feedback element in our most recent cycle. While there were still some folk who opted to request peer feedback during the cycle, we saw a 66% decrease in the volume of it and was seen as a much more positive and less stressful experience. I’m happy to chat through the strategy I built out for it if it’s helpful to you, just let me know.

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