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How can we drive completion of compliance training?

We have a few required trainings that we need employees to complete. How can we drive the completion of these trainings?

The traditional model puts responsibility on the employees who then have to negotiate with their manager to get time to attend the training online or in person. A contemporary approach is to make managers accountable so they enable completion. I have found that while
Managers are not excited, they also do not like the visibility of an executive contacting them to explain why their people have not attended/completed training. Make it an operational accountability- not L&D.

Great points from Mark re: the accountability falling upon managers; getting department leaders on board with the WHY and WHEN of compliance training is going to be more effective than just trying to go straight to each individual employee. It is also important to have an internal marketing strategy that supports and promotes your messaging; do you have a comms teams that you can coordinate with? If you have regular cycles of compliance deadlines, getting in with your marketing team so you’re on their calendar and can work together helps to push that completion is a company-wide goal and doesn’t just sit within the L&D or HR teams’ responsibilities.

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