How do I know if my company is ready to run a D&I survey?

I hear this question often from companies I work with and I am curious to know what you think? Is there a way to tell whether or not a company is ready to run a D&I survey?

Hi @Josh,

Great question. There’s no perfect or universal checklist to know if you’re ready for a D&I Survey (or with anything D&I related, for that matter!). But, there are 2 things I’d check for before running a survey:

  1. Are your leaders bought in? It’s so important for your leaders (your HR leaders, your exec team, your CEO, etc) are ready to embark on this journey. The D&I results can shine a spotlight on some unsavory things about your culture, so make sure they’re ready to have brave conversations.
  2. Do you have resources to take action? After you run a D&I Survey, are you going to have resources available to run any necessary training, workshops - that might lead to systemic changes in the organization? This is about readiness to take action (assuming you have the willingness to take action, as laid out in point #1)
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