How do people support working from home?

With the current Coronavirus situation, we are going into a work from home workforce. This is something we have never done before. Keen to hear from people on how this works for them, tips, tricks, pros and cons, suggestions and things to plan.

Also, if anyone has any information on NSW Health & Safety around working from home - please share.

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Hey Felicity,

I’ve been WFH for the past 6 months since moving with Shopify back to my hometown of Melbourne from Toronto. I can’t speak to NSW H&S however happy to support with any questions you have from a WFH p.o.v.


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Hi Felicity,

We’re in the same position, we went fully remote yesterday and a lot of it is learning as we go!

Some of my favourite tips and tricks are:

  • Ensure your brain can make the transition from home life to work life through pre-work and post-work rituals / routine
  • Set boundaries / turn off notifications when you’re not working so you don’t fall into the trap of being ‘on’ 24/7
  • Set rough work hours, ensure you have a vague idea of what this looks like each day (doesn’t have to be 9-5, but map out the structure)
  • Dedicate time to talk to your colleagues about things other than work. Set up a Google Hangouts link or a Zoom call in your diaries that you can always click into and have in the background while you’re working to simulate the experience you’d have while you’re at your desk in an office environment

Happy to have more of a chat as I’m based in NSW too, so feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

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Hi Felicity. We have been operating as an entirely remote team for nearly ten years so happy to share any tips or experiences. There are a TONNE of tools to support remote work, but what is key to success is trusting your team! And as other say making sure they switch off and look after themselves.

I would encourage the use of an ‘enterprise social network’ (ESN) such as Facebook’s Workplace or Yammer. Somewhere where people can communicate and you can build your company culture online. For us Workplace is our office. We have a staff engagement rate of 9.4/10 (“Overall how would you rate X as a place to work”). I love this because our “place” is not physical.

Whilst tools like Trello and Asana are great for communication around projects they really serve an email type function and rarely involve everyone as a team, in the same way an ESN can.

If you do use an ESN I would encourage a social group with some positive threads, such as sharing pics of pets, food, gardens or other. Whilst this may seem counterproductive to work, ‘sticky’ threads will help people adopt of a habit of engaging with the platform, ergo colleagues.

I’m not sure I can attach anything re: WHF but there are some great checklists online that are free that I would encourage your staff to complete and sign. These will ensure the office environment is safe, without trip hazards etc.

We’re hosting a free virtual conference this Friday (3/20) dedicated to remote work, resilience, and leading through uncertain times, and you’re welcome to join! We’re having speakers discuss everything from hiring and onboarding in remote teams, to caregiving in uncertain times. You can sign up at Change@Work.

We also just published an article on “Going Remote Overnight” which has some tips. Hope you find it helpful!

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