How do we get people to read metrics and status updates?

Our organization produces a lot of great data, particularly around sales and marketing. This data is available to all employees, but it’s really hard to get people to engaged with the data.

This is understandable, as a lot of it is downstream from individuals. At the same time, it’s really useful and connects employees with the measurable progress (and bottom line!) of the business.

Does anybody have creative ways to get a broader employee community to connect with the (sometime dry) metrics of running the business?

  • First, I would say prioritize what data you want people to care about. Employees probably can only focus on 1-3 specific metrics that are disconnected from their day-to day work.

  • Once you select the key metrics that you want employee to follow, make access to that data easy. Talk about it often, provide access to reports or dashboards that show that data.

  • As best you can show how each person’s work contributes to that broad metric and give them kudos for helping to improve it.

  • Create contests with competitors if the metric is publicly accessible. People will bond to metrics that they can brag about to their peers in other orgs.

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