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How do you deliver an online induction?

Hi, I am looking for some ideas on delivery on online induction by some of the senior leaders.

Hi. We’ve developed a global induction programme that runs on our learning portal. One of our brilliant colleagues recorded an intro video welcoming new joiners, sharing a little about the work we do and how the induction programme is there to help them.

The programme has both self-learning elements and live webinars with leaders (recordings of live sessions are also uploaded to watch later). We focus on the following themes:

Our history and work
Meet our CEO
Changing lives around the world
Our work in arts
Working in challenging environments
Our work on projects
Being a world-leading cultural relations organisation
Our work in English, Exams and Skills

Hi Prachi - specifically for senior leaders we recordeed them (just using zoom) talking for about 15-20 mins each on the following question:-

  1. Who they are and what their team specifically does, what is their ‘purpose’ in the business - this is integrated answer to show how it links with other teams
    They each have their own slide deck but we encouraged them to keep this light and to essentially think of it as ‘My Team for Dummies’ type style.
    There is also a section on language and jargon specific to my team!
    This is hosted in the new starters/onboarding channel in slack for people to weatch in their own time during their onboarding programme

We have a rotating set of organisational induction events over 90 days. We run throught this 4 times a year and wherever someone starts in the cycle, they complete all the components of their induction within their first 90 days. Presenters only have to delvier every quarter and if something is missed, they can catch up next time the event happens. We also connect the cohort of ‘people in their first 90 days’ every month. These are relatively social but with a discussion theme, like Wellbeing, Flexible Working etc. Leader and long serving staff come along to meet the newbies and this also fosters inter-departmental relationships. We’ve less than 200 people so it works very well but I will definitely consider the rotating cycle for other organisations.

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