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How do you differentiate between Belonging and Engagement at Culture Amp?

How does Culture Amp differentiate between Belonging and Engagement? What correlation you have observed between these two factors?

While I don’t work for Culture Amp, I thought I would interject a few thoughts in case you find them useful. I spent 15 years working on a university campus with a focus on belonging and engagement. I found that belonging was an essential component to engagement, and the more we focused on creating a culture that was welcoming, inclusive, and supportive, the better our results were in terms of engagement. We found that we needed to have direct programs that fostered belonging to help us move the needle on engagement. We focused on building inclusive programs (just a few because sometimes less is more) and then measured those programs and the impact on engagement to determine where we had the most value - it turned out that our signature programs, for example, onboarding (which for us was a one year program with a buddy component) and our campus connect program (a two year networking and development program) were key. These programs fostered belonging at key points. First, our onboarding program created belonging and engagement at entry into the organization and created a system for individuals to have support and connection. Then our campus connect program fostered connection and belonging by bringing together a group of professionals and teaching the interworkings of the organization, while allowing them to be part of a cohort and build connections with colleagues. Further, after they completed the program, they were considered ambassadors of the program and brought back together with all program alumni year-after-year. This continued to build the belonging on a larger scale, strengthened connections across groups, and improved engagement across the board for those who participated in the program. Anyway, we found belonging was necessary for engagement, and therefore, we created the conditions to help individuals have a way to belong and experience engagement through connection, learning, and belonging.

Anyway, just a few thoughts, but always happy to share perspectives or more information, if it is useful to you. - Jennifer

Thank you so much Jennifer. Your examples really bring this to life - this is just what we were looking for. Great to hear your impact as well - well done!

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