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How do you engage your field engineers?

Hi All,

I’ve recently taken on the task of running our next employee opinion survey for just over 6000 colleagues. Around 70% are field engineers who we currently struggle to engage and involve when it comes to communications.

Our last survey hit around 50% response rate in the Field and I want to do better than that, without it feeling forced.

Has anyone had any experience in this area and got any tips on the approach? Our survey is being ran in March next year so I’d like to ensure we get the upfront engagement right. :slight_smile:


How do you give the engineers access to your surveys? Is it through email? Physical feedback kiosk can provide a visual reminder for feedback - at a convenient time - for engineers as they visit depo’s etc. Not sure if relevant in this situation

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Hi Claire, thanks for getting back to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve actually talked about survey hubs at the Depots for people to drop into as convenient over a 3 week period and access the survey via tablets set up. Also to use this space for ongoing conversations post survey.

It used to be paper based surveys sent to their home addresses but nowadays it will be an email link. Open to any new ideas or suggestions based on what’s worked well elsewhere.

Hi Michelle, apologies for the delay in replying.

The reason I mentioned the kiosks is I have worked with a large bus operator in London, who employed ViewPoint Feedback kiosks to collect employee feedback. Their projects worked extremely well - both before and during the pandemic - and they are getting over 50 responses per day … repeatedly. We have also recently instigated a similar project with a rail network provider who are using the kiosks to survey employees about their mental health - so important following the past 2 years! They have received 250 responses in the past 8 days. So the volumes are there! Kiosks do work.

Kiosks are definitely a solution you should explore for getting honest opinions from employees. They are so easy to use so staff are more likely to leave their feedback. and as you suggested, changing a survey to ask different questions throughout the year is an added benefit!

Happy to arrange a chat if you would like any more information.


Hi Claire,

Thank you so much for the info. It’s really useful. Would be great to catch up over a call and learn a little more about how you implemented and got traction with the kiosks. There’s some cynicism around completing any kind of survey we need to change and reassurance around anonymity.

Many thanks

Hi Michelle, drop me a line on claire.moseley@viewpointfeedback.com and we can get a time booked it.

Hi MichelleP -

While surveys are great - have you looked into strategies in response to surveys? You mentioned mental health and struggle with communication.

Have you looked into a personalised but affordable approach through virtual coaching? You can start with a specific group of engineers and try it out - it allows for your employees to have a personalised coach based on their specific needs and in turn HR / Executive team would receive anonymous reports on how what employees are getting coached on as well as attrition rate, etc.

To ensure there is a process in place you can provide assessments or specific frameworks that you use as an organisation that the coach can have background and coach accordingly.

The beauty of this it can be all remote and easily implemented.

Check us out - https://sama.io/

Happy to discuss this in more detail if you think it would make sense!

Good luck and all the best,

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