How do you tackle meeting overload when onboarding new employees?

Does anyone have an awesome on-boarding process? I am in the process of updating our and looking for some inspiration.

If you have weekly meetings can they be fortnightly? If they are 1 hour can you make them 30 mins? Those two things cut 75% of meeting time for a start. If you need a meeting you’ll have one. If you have a meeting in the diary that isn’t needed you’ll probably have that also. Do less structured meetings - you’ll be much more productive :slight_smile:


I think scheduling/blocking a whole day without any meetings each week for a new hire can help give them time to process what they are learning, prioritize what they know they don’t know yet, and come up with a consolidated list of questions.
Giving a person time to gather their thoughts is a well-appreciated gift, and helps them learn more efficiently.


Hi there, if you’re looking for a technology solution I’ve had recent experience with enboarder and recommend the product highly!

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