How to best capture learning across the organisation

Hi People Geeks,

I am currently doing some brainstorming about how to best capture learning/training that occurs across the organisation (e.g. team workshops/offsites). If your organisation currently has a process in place for this, I would love to learn more about it!

Many thanks,

Hey Jade.
We schedule events well in advance, document the discussions and initiatives or commitments from delegates/participants and then follow up on these with all who attended. This includes newsletter posts, etc to give the event and learning a ‘longer tail’.

Hi Jade,

Why are you “capturing learning/training?” I’m sure there’s a good intention there- institutional memory, knowledge transfer, providing access to people outside the experience, etc.- but if there isn’t a need, nobody will buy.

Once you are clear as to the need, it becomes a lot more fun.

  • Need to capture a training for future onboarding for new hires? Don’t assume a pre-recorded video from a half-day offsite will be super engaging for those new hires. Perhaps create a new-hire onboarding Google Site where a recap of the offsite with links to relevant training documentation is created as an action-item from the offsite.
  • Need to deliver sales training to the global organization? Get the outcomes from the training in the hands of managers across the globe and offer them the choice: train the trainer or figure out a local training delivery resource.

etc. That’s the fun part of L&D.

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