How to find the right external recruitment firm to work with?

We have a Director role that we have had a hard time trying to fill. We have decided to go with an executive search firm to try to fill the role but there are so many to choose from. Is there any advice on how to find to the right firm for us or any recommended ones people have?

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, @aliu,

What country or region are you looking in?



I always ask for examples of other companies they’ve worked with similar to mine and if I can speak to any as a reference. You can also ask for a list of recent roles they’ve filled. For me, I find the role they filled often aren’t as important as the kind of companies they have worked for.

I also would share why the role has been hard to fill and ask them what kind of tactics they will use to address those issues.

Finally, I suggest being very clear about your expectations of how the process will run, what they are responsible for, and how often / where in the process you expect them to fill in.

Also, I just spoke this week to a super interesting new recruiting firm that uses AI to speed up the process and charges a flat fee – if you’re interested. (I don’t have any affiliation with them I just liked their model and they are a startup so really focused on satisfying first rounds of customers).

Hi @DebMavric - thanks for responding. I’m looking to fill a role in the San Francisco Bay Area

@elana - thank you for the advice! Much appreciated :slight_smile: