How to's of engaging an effective Employee Assistance Program Provider?

Hello :slight_smile:

Looking to commence this process for the first time.

Has anyone got any advice on what to look for in a Employee Assistance Program provider and how the program has been received/utilised in their organisations?

A Global offering would be ideal.

Thank you

Hi Odelia. We recently switched EAP providers to Uprise. It’s had a fantastic uptake and feedback from our team. They have learning modules on stress, anxiety etc. The platform encourages regular proactive calls with “coaches” (psychs but less intimidatingly named!) rather than waiting until employees are facing a difficult time.

We take the mental health & wellbeing of our team very seriously due to the nature of some of our work, so I was really thrilled to find this company. They are Australia-based but I believe they service other companies.

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Hi Alison - thank you!

I will look into them. May I ask what your company does? Size of your company?

best wishes

Hi Odelia. I work with Alison at Quiip, so happy to answer on her behalf! We specialise in online community management. There are about 20 of us on the team and we’re wholly distributed, with most of our team in Australia but also based in Europe and North America. Finding an EAP provider that could work across multiple timezones was very important for us!

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