HR System Recommendations - Performance and LMS

Hi all,
I am seeking recommendations on HR systems you have all used/are using that can be used for performance (performance reviews, goals - ideally annual goals and OKR’s, recording of check-ins), recording of individual development plans and as an LMS.
We are a company of 450 scaling up further to approx 500 in the next 12 months.
Any recommendations will be great :slight_smile:

Hi Yvette, definitely a conversation that’s on the mind of a few people right now. I was just at a HR Tech Conference where several people were talking about the combination of engagement, performance and learning platforms all coming together. I personally think the benefit of that is you’ll see where to focus, how it improves the organization and where individuals are trying to learn new skills.

A biased opinion, but Culture Amp launched their performance product just recently.

As a digital HR consultant whose shopped the market extensively for continuous feedback tools, I can highly recommend Clear Review as a superior offering as it’s enterprise able, secure cloud architected, easy to use, elegantly structured and incorporates all the functionality you’re looking for. I used Culture Amp to determine the need for much better and more frequent feedback, as well as to help raise awareness of capability amongst the line managers.

My company is similar in size and we went through this process about 2 years ago. We ended up with Halogen (later bought by Saba). We use the LMS, performance management, compensation module and they are integrated with our ATS (Jobvite). They also offer onboarding and additional tools that we didn’t need. Certainly feeling the value of one central system.

you may also want to check out - allows you to compare software by category.

We’re currently rolling out Lattice, this enables you to set quarterly and yearly goals and also allows people to send direct feedback to others, both good and not-so-good.

It also integrates with Slack so we can have a channel dedicated to feedback (positive in this case, as we won’t be broadcasting constructive criticism for everyone) and the whole company can see the praise that people give to each other.

I’ll report back with how things are travelling!