Incorporating mental health and wellbeing into corporate programs

Hey there, I’m building awareness of mental health and wellbeing into our performance and engagement program for our people leaders. Any tips specifically on how to support employees through performance management processes whilst also managing concerns around mental health?

Yea, just check in. The human element is often skipped over, and people want to be seen, heard, and loved. So make sure they know they’re seen, (validate them), heard (listen/check in…even for 10 minutes), and loved (go out of your way to show that your care).

One exercise I’ve used with a team is to pin a paper to every person’s back, and had everyone walk around and write something they appreciate about that person. If you want to enhance performance and trust, also ask people to write something on the other half that the person could improve that would help the team/company. Pro tip - don’t just dive I. To an activity like this. You need to build up to it, as it can be vulnerable and requires trust.