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Individual Goal setting

Does anyone have a simple way to approach individual measurement goal setting? I have plenty of experience setting SMART goals. The difficulty I have is helping staff set goals that are not BAU or not part of the daily job. Should individual measurement goals include BAU type goals?

Hey Peter, OKRs are a great model that we work with. More info over here. Re: your question: Should individual measurement goals include BAU type goals? – imo, yes!

Hey Peter, I’d suggest rethinking the feedback process and ongoing calibration than sweating the goals. If you’re working individually (not in terms of setting policy here), agreeing on a regular set of touchpoints to reflect, calibrate, and revise goals is going to net more change than a killer one-hour document that gets forgotten.

The process will force the BUA goals to be scrutinized regularly…allowing you to set small incremental improvements.

If you need a framework, I use a simple framework with my coaching clients: Business goals, Professional Goals, and Personal Goals, framed over one month, three months, one year. The separation of Business and Professional separates the BUA tactical To Dos and the competencies/skills that help accomplish those tactical To Dos.

Thanks for the feedback. I believe individual and team goals should be tactical with Company and Department more Strategic. However, still struggling with how to not fall into the trap of setting individual goals that are BAU as I feel this takes away from the bottom up approach of individuals setting and owning their own goals. Its almost an easy way out. For example: In our business we have a number of Project Managers. In the past we set Goals around “deliver all projects on time on budget”. An individual could set this as a goal but it just doesn’t seem to fit with the CultureAmp intent. I feel like I am missing something…

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