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Inexperienced managers

Hi there, I am speaking with more and more founders and C-level people in scale-ups who find very challenging to develop their “inexperienced managers”. Do you have any ideas or best practices which could be effective development plans/ programs for newly appointed managers? Do you think that addressing the "inexperienced mangers "challenge is a popular and urgent problem for scale-ups? Many thanks for sharing your thoughts here

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We have been working on the concept of a Managers Toolkit for the last couple of years, aimed partly at this demographic (also partly aimed at experienced managers who may be new to our industry). Its still a work in progress though. The plan is it will cover basic management responsibilities like recruitment, performance management, timesheets, budgets, etc. A lot of this could be provided thought online training, although some (giving and receiving feedback, for example) would likely need to be face to face training.

Hey! This is something we can help you with, we have provide personalised coaching and have seen a huge uplift in leadership effectiveness as well as performance with scale ups.

Happy to talk about it later more, email me - Isabelle@sama.io

It is a great question and complex. It may appear that coaching will be a quick fix, however there is a systems element worth considering. Are the execs are asking for skills that haven’t been analyzed or developed? Or are things ‘out of whack’ to the extent that managers are constantly counterproductive. Identifying the underpinning cause may help prevent future shortfalls. For the current situation- analyze whether you have common issues across managers. If yes then make the time to get managers together to cost effectively develop their awareness and skills. If there are specific skills then development coaching may help. Please explore the psychological safety component of the managers under pressure. That will dramatically impact their growth and wellbeing.

Thank you for your insights. Indeed this is what we created in the past - a “Newly Appointed Managers” programme with a module of fundamentals of mg, one module on interviewing skills and one for performance management. I think the budgets topic is a great one…also time management and delegation might also be addressed. Isabelle, I think personal coaching is a next stage after the managers receive the basics- I’d say. Also having a group of managers (it doesn’t matter if it is online or face to face ) helps to calibrate views/ ideas with peers. Mark, great insight - A training needs analysis with the execs is a must to identify their expectations from their managers !!!- how would you address the psychological safety ?- love this idea !

Hey Mark and Sim - really love your input. I think your perspective of coaching is from a traditional sense, where there is 5 coaching sessions and you choose for the group what to be coached on. Am I right? We found this was broken way of approach coaching, expensive, time consuming and ultimately not really accessible in helping professional development. Our platform empowers the employee to focus on their development which ultimately improves the growth of their team and org. Our goal is to create executive coaching for not just managers but their teams and the entire company - statistically your first three years of working is the same development you have in your first three years life - so it’s important to nurture these skills early on.

As for the psychology safety - couldn’t agree with you more! All of the coaching 1-1 is fully anonymous, you can provide us with values and goals before they start but really the goal is to create a safe space where your employees can be supported on their specific and personalised needs. That said, you as the People lead - are provided anonymous data on the usage, focus of coaching, goals completed, and engagement tracker. Alongside that we build out assessments to support the ongoing development. This provides you great pulse on your org.

All of this said, I don’t know if we are the right fit but thought I would clarify. We also just published on article on managers vs leaders - if you are interested :slight_smile:

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