Innovative calibration meeting ideas

We’ve scrapped ratings and traditional 9 box grid calibration type meetings a few years ago, however we’re going to start having a quarterly get together for our leadership team to talk about their people. The main outputs would be to identify people who are ready for a move, whether there are opportunities for stretch/growth across the business and to generally encourage them all to be thinking more about the performance of their teams as second nature.

Does anyone use or know of any forward thinking approaches to group calibration/talent and performance discussions? We’re keen to have this meeting but not slip back into the old school methods! Any thoughts welcome!

We use something that I found which is a four box (I believe it was from the Gap but I’m not 100% certain). The four boxes are: Up or Out (pretty self explanatory), Stay the Course, Feed them more (ready for growth/promotion, new challenges), and Figure it Out. Their version of Figure it Out was someone who was at one time a solid performer but has slipped. We created a bit of a mash up and Figure it Out could be that or it could be are they in the right role. For example, you can have a high performer and are they in the best role for them and for the organization to leverage their skills. The point is some action is needed. It’s more lightweight than 9 Box where you can get caught up in the nuances of which box yet gives you a good overview of the talent in the org and actions that managers should be taking. We have created additional materials to give managers guidance on action items to manage employees in each category.

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I like that approach Heather and welcome Natalie and Heather to the community!

@Heather_Houston Thanks for sharing Heather! Are you happy to share the manager resources you’ve created? It’d be great to have a look through…and happy to share/collaborate in return!

@NatalieL Sorry for my slow response. I can’t seem to upload here but if you give me your email I’d be happy to send you a copy of the process we use.

@Heather_Houston - that would be brilliant, thank you! It’s

@NatalieL Great, just sent.