Innovative session design ideas?

I’m designing a staff retreat session that includes a teaching component and a creation component. We’ll learn about how to build inclusive project teams, what best practice looks like right now, and create some guidance so everybody learns to do it well. Any creative session design ideas you can offer me?

Hi @Amanda,
A couple of years back with a small team of 7-8 we did an exercise where every member of the group had to create a photo of the group according to how the group “feels like” to them. We had to show and tell the other members of the group where to stand, what to do, how to interact with each other, what facial or hand gestures they should do and of course, we had to put ourselves in the picture of course.
After everyone created their picture, we had printed them out, put them up on the wall and had a few minutes just immerse ourselves and check what jumps out, how we feel, etc. And after this, there was a discussion about each picture. (Important note: no judging the pictures!)
The outcome of this exercise mostly defined by the facilitator so you can frame the conversation about the pictures around inclusivity.

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Hi @Amanda, is the idea that you will have whole teams together and you want to help them create an environment of inclusivity in their small teams? Do you have any current barriers to having inclusive project teams?