Keeping Contractors Engaged in the Company Culture

Hello, People Geeks!

My company is tapped into the "gig economy’ model and actively employs contract/freelance talent when staffing client projects. As the Culture and Operations Manager, it’s my job to bring our collective “Tribe” together and bridge the gap between freelance and full-time staff. My goal is that everyone feels equally a valued part of the company and that we avoid an “us versus them” or segregated mentality.

However, I find that it’s challenging to ensure that we’re not crossing any legal boundaries between contract and employment. Our contractors are extremely valued, and I want to make sure they feel like they are a part of our Tribe, even though they’re not full-time staff.

I’m curious to know how other companies engage with freelance/contract talent to ensure they feel heard, cared for, and engaged with the company’s culture.