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Keeping OKRs & Performance Management Separate

Our organization is considering rolling out OKRs to drive alignment around our enterprise priorities. All of the research we have done stresses the importance of ensuring OKRs are not tied to performance reviews or compensation. As we draft our plan for the executive team, we are struggling to articulate how to divorce the two processes. Does anyone have experience with successfully separating OKRs from traditional HR processes? If so - can you share some tips/tricks?

Hey @kharris

Welcome to People Geek Answers and what a great question to kick off with! Like you, OKRs are something I’ve started learning about this year, but hadn’t thought about them being tied to my performance. I see them more as directing the work that my team and I are doing.

That said, I’m and individual contributor not in HR, but hopefully this helps a little.

I’ve also found this book and website invaluable on our OKR journey




We use OKR’s at a team level rather than individual level, and then we talk about an individual’s contribution and impact for performance. This way the OKR result and the individual performance are not correlated.

We only rolled out OKR’s at the beginning of this year, so still learning too. We are going to hold an annual review to help us shape and refine further (although we have also been doing this throughout the year, each quarter).

My advice would be, you won’t get it perfect from the get-go, but that’s part of the learning.

Good luck!