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We would typically have twice yearly leadership forums for all people leaders (approx 50 people in total), but are all working remotely during COVID. Was wondering if anyone has organised or run a remote/online leadership forum and any suggestions or recommendations?

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A few suggestions:

  1. Align the strategic vision with the tactical questions. Why did you have everyone meet and mingle twice a year? Was it a teambuilding exercise, a “get everyone onboard with the new initiatives” forum, a feedback session? Identifying why you met before might be embarrassingly simple but identifying why you need to meet again should be driven from strategy, not tradition.
  2. Once you know the why, then you can search for either a vendor to provide the platform you need or sink time into the event planning to orchestrate how you’ll achieve the why. I was part of a fun mixer-matchmaking on Hopin (https://hopin.to/).
  3. Considering the remote world we’re in, consider compartmentalizing the twice-yearly in-person forums into a People Team Week, with seminars, feedback sessions, mixers, and keynotes. Tackle it piecemeal, rather than try to shove the old thing into the remote thing. You can take advantage of more time zones, include more guests from other departments, and bring in speakers more easily.

Kick me an invite if you want to chat real-time: www.learntoscale.us

Hi jlawler. I regularly have been facilitating “Leadership Booster Session” during the past few months. Firstly note that I continue to use Zoom with high security protocols, passwords, waiting rooms, etc because there is more flexibility with breakout groups.
In each session there is a topical element from either a leadership topic or a business situation. Then we use breakout rooms to tackle specific questions designed to accomplish one or more of the following objectives: Normalise anxiety (get people talking), Build and develop Psychological Safety (ensure participants know they are backed by execs) and Generate action (reinforce leaders who are constructive and identify options/alternatives for newbies. One critical element is that we reinforce ideas that have application at work and at home. Hope that helps, Mark

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