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Leave of absence and bonus payouts

I am drafting a bonus plan document and am wondering what everyone does in regards to bonus payouts for employees on a leave of absence. Specifically looking into if it is legal to prorate the bonus (all leaves would be treated equally including any FMLA cases) and if the payout is received when they return or when everyone else receives it. Any guidance on prorating any timing of payout is much appreciated!

Hey @Alexa great to see you back!

Could you possibly give me a little more information about this one? Which country / city are you looking for information about?



Hi Deb,

I am looking for the Connecticut area in the United States. We have some remote employees but our US HQ is in CT. I have heard from some people that they prorate the bonus based on eligible earnings so if you are on any type of leave of absence you would not receive a full bonus. I am just looking for other policies as we would like to be more generous than that.


  • Alexa