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Leveling / Titling - any experience with private titles/levels?

Hi - Does anyone use a system where employees have both a public title and a private title? The ‘public’ title is the one the company would publish on org charts, etc. The ‘private’ title is one that only the individual, their manager, and HR have awareness of, and that reflects their level more accurately. For example, an individual might have a private title of “Senior Account Manager” but on the company org chart they would be listed as “Account Manager.” Similarly someone with a “Junior Account Manager” private title would also be listed as “Account Manager” as their public title. Would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this type of titling / leveling system and understand pros / cons and impact to individuals and company culture overall. Thanks!

Hi Liz -

Yes, our company uses a similar model. The private title is used by HR to map to market compensation benchmarks and management levels which the individual doesn’t have access to. It allows for easier categorization on the HR side, limiting the number of ‘official’ job titles, while allowing for more differentiation on the public side - employees can add special certifications to the end of their title or specify region if they’d like. We don’t see any negative impacts to company culture or employee morale, but this has been our norm for at least 6 years now and I wasn’t a part of the transition to this model (if there was one). If anything, the business has been receptive to the limited list of ‘private’ titles they choose from when posting a new job and the flexibility when the final ‘public’ title is chosen.

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