Linking D&I to Engagement and/or Wellbeing

We are about to launch our first D&I survey but have been running surveys on a number of topics (values, wellbeing, engagement) for three years now. Should we be thinking about linking our D&I survey data to other topics (specifically wellbeing)? Are there any pros and/or cons to doing this with our first survey?

Hi @Anonymous123,

If you’re about to launch your first D&I survey, make sure to understand the methodology and prepare yourself for the results. D&I Survey results are often not like values/wellbeing/engagement because they involve sensitive personal demographics/identities. So, first and foremost, make sure your stakeholders are aware that this process might need a different flow (in terms of how you roll our results, communicate actions, etc).

For your first go around, I would focus on having a successful survey launch and not worry about connecting the dots yet. Particularly if you’re running this survey in an unattributed format. You want to ensure that it’s completely anonymous and not linked to other data sources that might disclose identity.