Linking data across the employee lifecycle

A lot of companies are interested in analyzing employee experiences across the full lifecycle, from onboarding - engagement - performance - alumni. Some do this simply by looking at engagement trends over time, while others are looking to do more analytically. Any examples you’ve seen where companies have linked their people data over time to yield interesting findings and insights that helped to propel the organizational people strategy? What data points were they connecting these data points?

Hi, Jennifer. Great question. There are many examples, and more will be emerging in the years ahead. While I cannot talk about specific companies and use cases in this forum, I will share some salient learnings taken from those organizations doing this well, and doing it well in a sustainable way. First, and it may sound cliche, but beginning with the end in mind. If data is going to be analyzed across an employee life cycle (or candidate or worker life cycle) then this will, almost certainly require the merging of different data sets. This is a data and technology challenge. It’ll also require a cohesive research or analytical approach. It will also require an understanding of the end (internal) customer, what he/she/they require, and what actions will likely be taken. This, of course, means there are many people, processes, data, and technologies involved. This then means good governance, collaboration, and prioritization must also be in place. Among those organization linking data across the employee life cycle / across the employee experience, there’s good governance involved. Only then can the use cases emerge, those that shed insight into D&I, engagement, performance, etc. Hope this helps. Of course, there’s more to share and explore.