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Looking for creative job titles for our Recruiting Team

I’m looking for examples of creative job titles for Recruiters. We’re small, but tend to shirk tradition when it comes to titling. For example, I head up people ops, and my title is People Growth Manager. I just hired our first internal recruiter, and want to give her a similarly creative and forward thinking title. A few ideas I’ve tossed around are:

Candidate Experience Manager
Talent Attraction Manager
Talent Engagement Manager

I’m really curious to hear what you’ve seen in your organizations or in the market in general. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @pogoglamcore and welcome to People Geek Answers! I love the way you are thinking about titles. One for recruiting that I like (and use in my LinkedIn headline) is Career Matchmaker.

Candidate Experience Manager would be a good one for a Recruiting Coordinator. Talent Attraction Manager seems to not include the full scope and impact of the role. Talent Engagement Manager is unique and works well, a derivative could also be Candidate Engagement Manager.

I would love to hear what you end up settling on.

Thanks for contributing!


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I think creative job titles can add a fun spin, but I also wonder if they cause confusion. As the company scales and new folks join (who aren’t used to the naming schema), it might be confusing to pinpoint who does what and who to go to for what.

The most creative title I recently heard was ‘Unicorn Hunter’! Def not a traditional title :unicorn:


I think the word recruiter holds a certain stigma in the job market and especially in the tech space. I went with “people guy” for my internal Recruitment/ People and Culture role in a hope of creating a more people centric flavour. Its been received really well by most but some find it bit confusing. On the up side, I get far less activity from head hunters and sales people keyword searching on LinkedIn

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I’ve seen Talent Sherpa but I don’t like it :slight_smile:

We’ve experimented with “Talent Discovery” as an alternative to TA. Our thinking is “people aren’t targets to be acquired” and TA can sound kind of cold. Discovery resonated more with us, as recruiting is often a discovery process.

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