Looking for great examples of flexible/remote working policies or procedures

Hi all, following the work from home experience resulting from Covid, we are updating our work from home policy (which was a bit out dated and rule driven) into a flexible working policy and procedure to reflect the new normal, which will be a flexible and hybrid working model. I wondered if anyone has come across any great examples of flexible and/or remote working policies and procedures which don’t just focus on the leglislative flexible working requests, but are more progressive and reflect a genuinely flexible workplace?

Hi @kerryn.owen,

We have moved to a full flex workplace giving our team the option to ‘opt-in’ to work from home. Happy to share our remote working guidelines and tools with you.


Hi Irene, it would be great to see how other companies have dealt with this. Please could you share your guidelines/tools with me as well?

Hi @kerryn.owen, @Irene and @Georgina_Russell1 here are some resources I’ve found in my travels. I’ve run my company entirely remotely for ten years if you have any further questions. (I have no affiliation with the below organisations.)

Less about policies but some great insights on the “levels” of remote work:

Good luck and may you not go back. Remote work is the future! And much better for people, the planet and productivity… if you do it well! :slight_smile:

Hi @Irene, I would love to have a look at your guidelines/tools. We have some in place but are from before COVID so will need to refresh before we ‘return to office’.

Thanks @AlisonMichalk for sharing!

Thanks @Irene, would love to see any resources you have, have sent you message

Thanks @Irene I would also be very interested in any resources you have. Your approach sounds very similar to what we’re hoping to implement in terms of a flexible working policy.

Hi @emily.bessell,

Sure thing. Happy to share. Please inbox me with your email address and we can connect.


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@Irene would love to see any resources you have around remote / flexi work in your org.
We are going through a refresh with ours, and it’s always great to see how others do it / what they offer.


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Hi @Irene - we are currently evaluating how to go remote first and I’d be really interested in seeing what you have already put together to sense check what I’ve done so far, if at all possible! Thanks

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