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Looking for mental health awareness training for staff and managers, train the trainer - London/UK

Hi All,

I am trying to find training courses providers on mental health for staff and managers, and also training courses for train the trainers on mental health. I am working for a university in London and need to make a selection of training providers.

Many thanks,

Hi Daniela, feel free to inquire to see if meQuilibrium might fit your needs: https://www.mequilibrium.com/contact


Thank you I will have a look.

Have you tried simply brilliance? they have a great network of peer-reviewed providers - you might find someone there.

Check out - https://sama.io/ for coaching that provides effective but scalable coaching all through one app

Let me know if you have any questions - happy to help!

Hi Daniela, this is probably a little late given when you posted your request, but I am Head of Content and Facilitation at PVL which is a fast-growing mental health advisory, learning and development company. We have an amazing mental health services offer for companies including awareness training for both staff and managers - you can check out our services here: Services — PVL | Revolutionising Mental Health at Work | Petra Velzeboer, Founder & CEO. We work with clients from big firms like Avanade, Medtronic and Channel 4, all the way to small start ups and medium firms. Every one of our facilitators is hired for both the personal mental health story they tell (so the audience really connect with them) and their knowledge/ability.

I’d love to chat and hear more about your needs if they haven’t all been met and we might be able to help. Feel free to drop me an email on rebecca@petravelzeboer.com

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