Looking for mental healthcare/therapy benefits recommendations

Hi! We solicited feedback on a new remote-friendly perk or benefit (to replace in-office ones), and the winner by a large margin was some sort of mental healthcare or therapy stipend.

We’re a US-based company, have exhausted options through our HRIS, and we’re small so we need something with relatively little administrative overhead//not a huge cost.

Any ideas for easy ways to offer stipends or EAPs we should check out? Has anyone implemented something similar?

Thanks in advance!!

Take a look at Compt- they’re killing it in the employee perks arena and their unique value prop is that employees can use their stipend in any way that the organization can allow. You could basically have all of the above in terms of what employees want: https://www.compt.io/

There are tons of promotions around BetterHelp on podcasts I’m listening to: https://www.betterhelp.com/

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This is awesome, thanks so much @Learning_Whisperer!

@shipper, we’ve started using Modern Health (https://www.joinmodernhealth.com/) who provides a comprehensive approach to mental well-being that takes care of people holistically.
All employees can take a survey at any time via their app, they will get a personalized plan, professional support (via a coach) if they wish, they will also have courses and other resources to help prevent burnout, manage stress, and cope with anxiety or depression.

It’s early days for us so I don’t have a chunk of feedback but initial responses have been very positive from folk who have used the service. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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very helpful, thank you for sharing @kinglo!

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