Looking for nice ways to promote the Culture Amp Engagement survey

Hello all peoplegeeks! We are planning to launch Culture Amp soon in our organisation. I know the promoting is essential so I am now looking for amazing ideas to promote the kick-off of Culture Amp. Could you tell me your suggestions? Thank you very much!

Hey @marydjeen,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to People Geek Answers! Along with the guide above, we also have the following article with some great ideas. 4 creative ideas for promoting your employee engagement survey | Culture Amp

@CSJAY do you have any suggestions to add?

Also, please let me know @marydjeen if you’d like me to find some others who have been through similar to connect you to! And most of all GOOD LUCK! I am sure it will be a great launch.



Thanks Deb, I will check out the article. If you know some people I can connect with to talk about launching/promoting the survey: ket me know!