Maintaining Traditions During COVID

With so many employees working from home now, how are you planning to honor traditions that are engrained into the company culture? Things like company picnics, employee appreciation events, holiday parties etc… Have you had any success hosting virtual employee events?

We actually just started planning a virtual re-imagining of our company retreat which usually takes place live over two days. It is all about a mix of networking and connecting socially as well as learning. We are planning a month long virtual event that will mix some keynote speakers with lots of learning sessions as well as some more social events live virtual games and social hours. It will be a few hours every Friday for a month… still in early planning stages but optimistic. It will not be a complete replacement but hopefully something that can bring us together as a company still!


I recently attended an event using the Remo platform ( and was surprised at how quickly it fostered a community feel. You could graft the essence of a company tradition onto a platform like that and structure it in a way so people can mix and mingle, then get a “show”, and then mingle some more.

@MichelleJ I’d love to hear what you have been brainstorming for your month long event! As we head into Fall/Winter our company whats to think of ‘themes’ to tackle and ways to keep people engaged and connected via challenges, speakers, virtual events etc but I am just starting to look for ideas!

@Michelle_Pacheco Right now our plans include a weekly keynote speaker including 2 global leaders in the organization as well as 2 external speakers, learning breakout sessions, affinity group meetings and more social events including a virtual talent show and a Halloween costume contest. Our theme is all around connection - connecting in new ways, connecting with new people, connecting with old friends… We have been having success with micro learning campaigns via Linkedin Learning so we will run a parallel micro-learning campaign hopefully related that theme (currently thinking about communication and relationship skills focus as we are a consulting company so important skills for folks to have!). We did a virtual BINGO fundraiser a few months back that was a really fun social event!

Sounds amazing. Thanks for the ideas!