Management Coach referrals for new manager?

Hi all - We have some new managers at our company, and we’d like to set them up with 1:1 management coaching to support their development as strong people leaders. We’re a culture that values strong performance while recognizing that each employee can achieve this in different ways, encourages a friendly over formal culture, and is working to be a more diverse and inclusive organization. Does anyone have suggestions for a good management coach for a new manager in a culture like ours? bonus points for someone who has great emotional intelligence and can support a new manager in developing this skill! Many thanks for any recommendations!

Check out Kay Jones at Moxie Professional development! She has years of experience leading teams and challenging leaders to think through performance management and org design while building diverse and inclusive teams!

check out Michael/Impari:
He was our main manager trainer and provided a group training as well as 1:1 sessions. He is highly exp’d and talented in bringing a co-design management model that is full of empathy, good coaching and has strengths in developing EQ, self-awareness for leaders. He brings the latest research into this management training that provides a convincing rationale for some of our data driven leadership. All my managers gained valuable insight and felt it was one of the best trainings they’ve received.

Hi Iris,

I’m throwing my virtual hand up :raising_hand_woman:t2:- I might be able to help. I offer 1:1 coaching and am experienced at working with people at a range of levels, including those making the move from being an individual contributor/self-leader to leading others. More information at Feel free to reach out if you think I can assist.

Hi, I can refer He currently coaches managers and also does a lot of work around developing new managers in the tech industry.

Meredith Haberfield or one of her coaches at ThinkHuman

Not sure where you are located and if you are still looking…but I’m in the Netherlands (+1GMT) and available.

My company Focused Forward LLC helps Leaders and Teams at all stages of their career ,by use of coaching and assessments to become more cohesive and productive team members as well as increase their productivity and the organizations bottom line. I know your post is old and I am a new member but we could certainly arrange a few minutes to chat irishmagoosh.

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