Manager Achievement Framework

My organisation is looking for a way that we can signify manager skills/levels of achievement in some sort of framework. We have Milestones for our graduate programme which allows staff to see their progression towards becoming managers and this has worked well. However, when they progress to becoming managers we want to get people perceiving that role over a long period, and therefore it cannot be a linear progression pathway as a next promotion isn’t guaranteed. Therefore we need a way of recognising skill and achievement at different points within their current role.

I have heard of organisations having manager levels 1/2/3 and managers at higher levels gain advanced responsibilities. I’d love to hear how others have approached this to help generate some ideas?

Thank you for your help, People Geeks!


Great question. Our company is in the middle of looking at this as well so I don’t have specifics to share yet but when we do, I will post here.

The Vega Factor is one source of information that we have found quite valuable in helping us figure out how to measure skills. If you haven’t checked it out, you may find it useful as well.