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Manager Request Feedback

Hey, People Geek!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to encourage managers to ask for feedback on their teams and how they’re preparing/training the managers for it.

Hi Adriana, You’ve asked a very broad based question . . . so I’ll try to help out where I have experience. On one client site: They implemented a Leadership Development “Roundtable” where participant leaders (Either identified as High Potential be HR or their Line manager). The participants came with a development contract and they identified some core and then stretch goals. The program was anchored with a blended survey (online) and they could identify up to 16 respondents. The feedback was debriefed in the roundtable and then linked to their DISC and StrengthsFinder profile. THe feedback was that the participants all found it a bit “scary” but very rewarding.

Another client I worked with selected a Psychological Safety (PS25) survey that was linked to operational measures (budgets, sales, production, etc.). This was then rolled out across a pilot department and then scaled up. Each leader/manager received targeted feedback that zeroed in on key leadership skills that were either coached for development or streamed in development workshops to gain economy of scale. With a direct link to business performance, Senior Leaders were able to see an ROI that most development programs would love to have and Leaders in the business were able to work on targeted adjustments rather than “Sheep Dipping” solutions.

Hope that gives you some idea of a couple of options.

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