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Measuring collaboration

Hi Geeks. I was wondering if anybody has suggestions for questions we could be asking to measure effective collaboration (or even appetite for collaboration) within our organisation. Preferably questions that go beyond the standard: at insert org here we collaborate well together.


Hi Alex,

Great question. Some items that the People Science team are looking at are listed below. You can edit them to focus on different levels of collaboration (team, divisions, organization, etc). They are team level variations based on the organizational collaboration work in work by Thompson, Perry, and Miller in an article titled Conceptualizing and Measuring Collaboration.

Team function

  1. Team meetings help the team make progress towards achieving its goals.
  2. Team members agree about the goals of the team.
  3. Team members share information and resources to achieve shared goals.
  4. Team members work through differences to arrive at win–win solutions
  5. My tasks on the team are well coordinated with other members’ tasks.
  6. My team openly shares ideas to solve mission-related problems.

Confidence in teammates

  1. My teammates are trustworthy.
  2. I can count on my teammates to meet their obligations to the team.
  3. I prefer to continue working with this team over switching to another team.

Personal experience of collaboration

  1. Members of my team take my opinions seriously when decisions are made.
  2. I understand my roles and responsibilities as a member of the team.
  3. Being on the team helps me achieve my individual job goals.
  4. My contributions to the team are appreciated and respected by my teammates.
  5. I can better achieve my goals working on this team than working alone.