What formal memberships/associations or partnerships do you use to ensure you’re up to date and help develop your growth as diversity and inclusion professional?

Good question @Kat_Barrack! In my experience doing D&I work for a few years, I haven’t found there to be a single membership/association/partnership to follow for development in this space. Rather, I’d follow a diverse slew of D&I professionals so you can get various perspectives.

In general, look for research that is evidence-based and validated - and know that it probably only applies in the context in which the research was done (pay attention to where the study was conducted; was it in a lab or tested in the field?).

Anybody selling a formal membership, an award, really anything - should raise a red flag!

Sorry, probably not the most helpful answer or the one you were looking for! There’s no shortcuts in D&I! I liked the book “What Works” by Iris Bohnet. And this year, I’m only reading works by women of color (since growing up, I was only encouraged to read “the classics”)


thanks for sharing @Steven_Huang, hope these insights help @Kat_Barrack.

Thanks @Steven_Huang, it is helpful! At least I know I’m on the right track rather than missing some key organization. I have added your book suggestion to my reading to my reading list! I love your focus and am also turning my focus to perspectives other than my own. I’m reading Toni Morrison’s The Origin of Others currently and Redefining Realness by Janet Mock is up next.

Do you have any D&I professionals that you have found particularly insightful to follow?

There are too many good books out there :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll put Origin of Others on my list!

My favorite influencers (with a bias towards US-focused D&I, of course) is on this list: Enjoy!

Oh, I forgot about this list!!! Thank you, this is just what I needed.