Moving into the People Analytics space

How do I move from being an HR generalist to the People Analytics space?

Follow my friend and colleague, David Green, and read everything he puts out. He and I both have podcasts as well. More specifically, I’ll ask you: What is People Analytics to you? It takes several forms and there are many roles that now entail “people analytics.” In short, you can be an analyst/researcher (I/O Psychology background), you can be builder of scalable analytical solutions/products (data science, programming background), you can be a data aggregator and dashboard builder/report writer (technology background), or you can be a data translator and change agent (identifying need and influencing). There are certainly other roles, and few humans have all these experiences and attributes. Realizing this, if you really want to get into the field I’d advocate picking one of these avenues and do your best to nurture an expertise in that particular dimension. You can then branch out (or up) as needed. Hope this helps a bit! And thanks again for your question!