New employee experience (first six-months)

Hi People Geeks.
I am currently working through the redesign of our first six-month journey for new starters and wonder if anyone has (or can point me to) any existing frameworks or useful info related to this.
We are trying to focus on embedding org values and simplification of processes in order to accelerate learning (have people performing higher faster), and fostering a sense of belonging/connection with the organisation and our vision.
Any advice would be awesome!

I did a lot of research earlier this year and ran across some cool things that Lever was doing for their on-boarding - definitely related to what you’re asking about. I reached out to them since we use them for our Applicant Tracking System. They call theirs Ramp Camp and it’s run by Elaine Yang.

Thanks @Michael_Wolfe! This looks really interesting. I will take a look :slight_smile:

Sure! Also, check out what Lever includes in their job postings - within 3 months, within 6 months, within 12 months…

This takes a lot of work but I think is definitely worth it from a candidate to employee experience perspective - really helps set expectations.

We’re going to start doing this but are definitely taking baby steps…

Hi Alex - I lead our First Year Experience program at ThoughtWorks which is a 1 year onboarding experience designed to help people really integrate into the business successfully. We kick off with a pretty intensive first week with live orientation for the first two days, and other learning opportunities scheduled through the rest of the first week, as well as the orientation checklist to help guide people through all the “must-do” activities when starting a new job. From there the remainder of the first year is all about continued learning, community engagement and ongoing support for the transition. We run a First Year First Friday every month to bring the community together virtually for network building and community engagement, and we run monthly learning calls for New Hires specific to a different consulting skill every month. Leaders have an extra New Leaders call monthly where they meet with longer tenured leaders of the business and have a safe space to ask questions, discuss challenges and get support. To ensure things are working well, and to help us continually evolve, we survey new hires 4 times throughout their first year checking in on how things are going. This has been really successful for us and we hear lots of great feedback from our new hires - but of course there is always room for us to continue to get better! Hope this is a bit helpful in sparking some ideas!

Thanks, @MichelleJ - We are aiming to make the experience as interactive as possible so some of these ideas are really useful!

Hi Alex!

I run the employee onboarding program at ClassPass, and have been running it for about 3 years now. We do a 30/60/90 day framework with most of the company-wide trainings on mission/vision/values in the first week. One of the coolest sessions we do in a new hire’s first month is a New Hire <> Leadership Team meet and greet. We get everyone on the leadership team together and we allow everyone to introduce themselves & their work to the new hires, and then open the session up to new hire Q&A. It’s always a very rewarding session.

In terms of what to focus on, I recently wrote an article about the 3 Things Every Onboarding Program should focus on. Check it out if you’re interested!