New Learning Management System ? Ideas ? Experience?

Hello People Geeks,

Looking for ideas and experience of new Learning Management system. Are you happy with what you are using?

We are based out of Sydney and looking for a new learning management system with criteria as below and if you are satisfied with what you are using, please help to share your recommendations.

  1. Able to track and report on all training for our employees
  2. Able to load our own content onto the platform and easily deploy (including setting tests and scoring people)
  3. Able to access a large variety of course content from their existing library of courses on a wide range of topics
  4. Able to provide compliance (HR) and Safety / WHS training – using existing content that they have (so Australian based would be preferred)
  5. Integrates with Bamboo HR (less of a priority but would definitely be an advantage.)
  6. Able to send reminders if the course is not completed and also has the ability for employees to upload their own certificates/courses if training has been attended externally.
  7. Easy to navigate/User-friendly.

Thanks for providing your feedback.