Onboarding Automation Systems?

Hi Geeks,

We need to reduce human error and automate our onboarding process from as soon as a recruiter marks a candidate as hired to their first 30 days of onboarding.

Current state: we use greenhouse ATS, namely HRIS (but switching by EOY), and a google sheet to track the people team’s roles and responsibilities in getting a new hire set up. I use an Asana checklist that each new hire gets on their first day that helps them get set up with tools/resources/log ins. We are looking into a SSO provider but probably won’t happen until mid year at the earliest. We are planning on hiring almost 200 new folks (we’re currently at almost 400 hourly and salary) so a more automated process would help tremendously.

QUESTION: Are there any comprehensive onboarding systems you recommend and why? How have they reduced errors/simplified onboarding process for the people and HR teams? How do new hires interact with them past their first day?

I’ve looked at greenhouse’s onboarding, and am going to look at Sapling. Any insights would be helpful!

Hi Alicia, we use a tool called Enboarder which has really helped us to automate a lot of things but also create a lot of engagement for our new hires.
The onboarding workflows you build are completely customisable so you can basically can build whatever you need.
For example, all the IT set up requests just now automatically get sent to IT via a web hook on slack etc so there is no need to chase or keep track of this.

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Hey Alicia,

We use Sapling and it has worked out really well for us. All the emails are generated and it also does a nice little history walkthrough of the company,etc as they come on, shows them other team members as well. They’re always happy to do walkthroughs with you if you’d like to try it out as well.


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Hi Alicia,
We like Enboarder. Simple but very powerful.

Definitely worth looking at.

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