Onboarding survey results aggregation

Hi all!

I’m hoping to hear about how some other companies that use the Culture Amp platform are handling aggregating their survey results from onboarding effectively?

I’m of course wanting to see trends but because each person’s results are submitted separately, I’m hoping someone can share a way they’re addressing overall patterns / areas of concern.

Thank you!

Great question, @CSJAY!

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to piggy back off your question as it’s reminded me of a somewhat related question I’ve been meaning to ask…

In my experience, many people don’t give full and honest answers in exit interviews as they don’t believe that their opinions will be actioned in any case (i.e. there’s no incentive for things to change when the person making the comment is not going to see any change) and/or they don’t care any longer. I’d love to know how people are using that information to then demonstrating real, transparent change based on that feedback and if/how feedback from exit interviews is communicated back to the rest of the business.