Post Election Support Plan for Employees

Hi! We are creating a game plan for how we can support all employees post election. Has anyone created a similar plan for their company, that they would be willing to share?

Happy to share a few of the things we’re doing:

  • We are providing FAQ guidance to our leaders and managers that will help them navigate challenging situations, as they’ll ultimately be on the front line of how people are experiencing it.
  • We are drafting a few different versions of comms to send out post-election, based on outcome, so that we don’t lag there.
  • Looking to minimize any non-critical events or meetings being scheduled on Nov 4
  • We’ll also be reminding employees of our EAP program, as that will be a great resource for them to leverage should they need additional support (and would encourage people to take the day if needed).

Pending outcome of election, and depending on the people in your company, you might also consider how you might respond if you see an uptick in employees asking to move to different countries where you have office locations, as a result of the election. This may be on the extreme end, but could be worth a moment of consideration.


I just signed up for a Life Labs working session to learn more about how orgs are planning to address. We are just starting to think about our plan. Passing along the workshop:


We’re doing a few things, a lot of which is setting time up to react to lots of different scenarios after the fact since it’s hard to plan for the unknown.

  • We’ve shared information on our intranet with folx about how to do mail in voting and encouraging managers to talk to their people about making a plan to vote. We are a nonprofit so can’t say anything directly in favor of one candidate or another but we’ve used some coded language about race and climate being on the ballot.

  • We’ve encouraged managers where possible to not schedule things that are inflexible the whole week of the election. On election day so that people can vote and the whole week bc we think people’s brain spaces will be all over the place

  • We have an all-staff call on 11/9 so we have a meeting after 11/3 to plan for that and expect it to be all about the election

  • We’ve set up a weekly call for the four weeks after the election with our co-founders, head of HR (me), head of Policy, and external communications person so that we can discuss and make quick decisions if/as needed. Will cancel the meetings if it turns out we don’t need them but pre-planning the time vs. scrambling last minute seemed smart

  • A number of our infinity groups (black folx, white anti-racist, lgbtqia+) are planning ‘community care’ sessions for folx in the week or so after the election for people to opt into if they want to be in community with others.

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