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Privacy on Individual Effectiveness / 360 Surveys

Is it possible to make the Individual Effectiveness / 360 Surveys completely anonymous? We have a small organization and would like to encourage participation but know that it will be only possible with the promise of anonymity.

Hi Vicki- great question for the obvious reasons in that you are working on the org culture to generate openness and clarity. Challenging question because you highlight an indicator of a difficult nature: responses only if they can be anonymous.
2 ways to go: A: ensure more than 3-4 respondents for any one person to help with anonymous feedback. Please note that the first thing people will do with feedback is ask/wonder ‘Who said that?’ Perhaps look at asking for feedback from direct and indirect connections so there is a blended profile. That may dilute the transparency but support the anonymity.
B: engage in a cultural approach of building psychological safety to the extent that people are empowered to approach/engage others with BOTH effective and ineffective behavior/performance as a first step. Build that open culture and reduce the fear element so people need less ‘courage’ and feel safer. I’ve been working with small organisations and isolated teams over 30 years and both options are viable- mostly depending on the leadership capabilities and whether there are a lot of ‘issues’ that have been lingering over time. Hope that helps- let me know if you want more. Good luck.

This is a great question and off of Vicki’s response - it isn’t easy to just implement one process to change employees attitudes or engagement. We work with large to small organisations and to foster openness within in the organisations comes from the company and its leaders. What we have seen as a really effective way to foster this is provide coaching but at scale. This allows the employees to create a growth mindset and be more open to criticism. Historically coaching has been seen as a expensive cost but there are companies like Better up for large organisations and then Sama - which is much more flexible.

Hope that helps! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

Hey @Vicki_Sweet, are you using Culture Amp’s Effectiveness survey? If so, will be the best option for getting an answer to this question



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