Recruiting matrix

happy to hear and learn from you about your internal recruitment analytics. in which method do you do it (system? excel?) and what factors / KPIs do you use?

Hi Yael! In the past, I’ve used Greenhouse to monitor and track recruitment. It does a pretty good job of that.

Whilst I don’t work in talent acquisition (instead I have recruited for teams I have managed), one of my key KPIs is the amount of time between an application being lodged and receiving an initial response (i.e. decline or interview). I have found that there’s no worse initial experience for an applicant than having spent time preparing and submitting an application…and then never hearing back. Or potentially worse, not hearing anything for weeks/months and then suddenly being asked in for an interview, when they may have already been successful with an application somewhere else! The hiring process is a great way to communicate the importance that a company puts in its people, so it’s critical to extend that to applicants also.