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Report sharing strategy when employees are providing feedback on direct leaders?

Hi, Everyone!

My organization is rounding out its Upward Feedback strategy (direct reports providing feedback on their immediate leader), and we are curious how other companies protect employee anonymity while also providing the opportunity for all leaders to participate?

Currently we have the Group Reporting Minimum set to 1 so that all feedback is captured, but only allow teams of 3 or more direct reports to participate in the survey. We also include very minimal demographics since the GRM is so low.

There’s interest in opening the process to include leaders with 1-2 direct reports to give all leaders the opportunity to receive feedback, but I still want to maintain appropriate barriers to ensure responses are as anonymized as possible . Do any of you have suggestions on a report sharing strategy that would still allow us to capture all provided feedback , but would protect employees from small teams?

Hi Emily! Is this as part of a review process or survey?

We do upward feedback as part of our performance process; and within this upward feedback is shared with the individuals manager, but not with the individual themselves. Therefore the manager can take the necessary steps to prevent individuals from being identified through their feedback by pulling out the key messages and sharing those with their report! It seems to work well, we know for managers with only a few direct reports it might be easier to identify, but as the feedback is collected alongside peer feedback it’s actually easier to combine.

If you’re doing it through a survey though I’d just suggest being really careful with who you give the raw data to: and maybe only look at it through higher levels, rather than digging deep into the data.

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