Requesting performance feedback in cross-functional teams

Hi all!

I have a very quick question for those of you work in companies comprised of cross-functional project teams…

Who is responsible for requesting and gathering feedback about team members performance from colleagues within that team?

[A] their manager [B] their team lead, [C] the team members themselves or [D] someone else.

For example, say a project is coming to an end and there is a desire to collect feedback at that point which will be used during an evaluation cycle in a few months time. Which of these individuals sends out requests for feedback and manages its collation?


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If the context for feedback collection is evaluatory, I’ve seen it usually done by the person responsible for evaluating the team member’s performance (usually their manager), but then I’d also keep the feedback request extremely narrow to focus only on evaluation.
If the context for feedback collection is developmental, t should be driven by the team member.


Thanks @Itamar! :+1: